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Welcome to RYsults4YOU

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with RYsults4YOU.

Take part in group fitness classes and personal training 1 on 1 sessions where you will receive a customized workout plan that fits your needs, and one that will help you reach your goals.

Rebecca (owner and trainer) will work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your fitness level, preferences, and schedule.


Strength Train for stronger muscles

 Flexible and convenient fitness,   have Rebecca come to you....

  • Wedding or bachelorette parties, girls getaways, couples workouts. 

  • Residential communities looking to hold group fitness classes in their clubhouses or fitness centers.

  • Vacationers looking to exercise while away from home.

  • Individuals looking for 1 on 1 private sessions and/or someone that will keep you motivated with your exercise routines.

 Sessions can be held outside, in a community  center, gym, or at your home.

 Workouts offered:

  • Strength Training (mat, dumbbells, bands, wall)

  • Water Aerobics

  • TRX (suspension training) *

  • Yoga

  • Pilates (mat and wall)

  • Kayaking *

  • Paddleboarding *

  • Biking *

  • Walking *


 * 1 on 1 private sessions

Suzie Swartz, MI

“Rebecca is truly passionate about fitness training. Sessions are challenging and fun. This is my third winter working with Rebecca and every season I feel better, stronger and more energetic. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious! I really look forward every session.”

Margo Jamieson, CO

“My time spent with Rebecca in training is always amazing! She has enthusiasm and energy like know one I’ve ever worked out with in my 65 years! She is cognizant of each individual’s needs. Each session is new and creative, keeping it fresh and motivating. What I truly appreciate is that she works the entire body. Her variety just keeps me wanting to come back!!”

Colleen Patti, FL

"I’ve been into Fitness for almost 30 years, but I have never had anyone push me to my limits and help me achieve my goals like Rebecca. You wont find anyone more committed than her! If your looking for results and have yet to achieve them then its time to give her a chance. You wont be disappointed!"

Shelly Prather, FL

"Rebecca’s infectious optimism, makes training fun and keeps me coming back and progressing with each visit. She challenges me but always finds workarounds when my shoulder is acting up. She cares about your goals and will definitely help you achieve them."
Fitness Class

1:1 Personal Training


Group Fitness Class


Group Fitness Class Package

$100 for 5 classes

1:1 Personal Training Package

$330 for 5 sessions

Please note:  Prices are subject to change based on the customization, location and the group exercise party requested.

Rebecca Yahraus

Personal Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA certified since 2011

(aka NASM)

Group fitness classes and personal training sessions are led by Rebecca Yahraus. Rebecca is certified, licensed, and an experienced trainer who will help you get the most out of your workout.


Whether you're a beginner, an experienced athlete, or looking for someone to motivate you as your fitness companion, Rebecca enjoys the diversity and is passionate about a variety of exercises. She offers personalized 1:1 training customized to your specific fitness goals or desires.

If you are interested in Group Fitness classes, Rebecca offers a variety of classes to choose from, including strength training, yoga, Pilates, water aerobics and more.  You'll be sure to find a class that fits your needs and preferences.  

For a free consultation, contact Rebecca Yahraus @ 518-538-8155 or

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Workout Photos

Group Water Workout

Water aerobics, refreshing and fun for all levels

Wall Pilates 

Resistance Band

1:1 Personal Training

Chair Workouts

Resistance bands, great for the legs and bootie
1:1 Personal Training, focus on form
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